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:: Choosing the right Wedding ring ::
When choosing your wedding ring there is several things you have to consider.

For the ladyís ring the choice of metal used for the wedding ring is usually quite simple, generally it will be the same carat and colour as the engagement ring. It should be of the same carat, not because different caratís will cause excessive wear ,but simply, so that the colours match.

There are not really any restrictions when choosing a gentís wedding ring. The only metal that we do not recommend is 9ct white gold ,it is the softest of the precious metals and marks very easy. If a white gold wedding ring is wanted then we recommend 18ct white.

Titanium and zirconium wedding rings are now very popular ,they are modern and comfortable to wear , and if you have a manual job , they are the most hard wearing of all wedding rings.

There are four basic shape of wedding rings
The flat wedding ring is flat on both the inside and outside , and is usually available in medium weight (approx 1.3 mm thick) and heavy weight (approx 1.8 mm thick).

It is the traditional wedding ring and is suitable for adding a milled or bevelled edge .The standard widths available for these wedding rings is 2mm up to 10mm,but if a wider ring is required we can make one to your own requirements.

These rings are more suitable for a gents wedding ring.
The D-shape wedding ring is flat on the inside and has a domed shape outer. It is available in two weights ,medium weight ( approx 1.6mm thick) and heavy weight (approx 2mm thick) .

The standard widths available for these wedding rings are 2mm up to 10mm but any width can be made to order. These rings look very nice when diamond set and have a milled edge. They sit well against a engagement ring with a shallow D-shape shank.
Court shape wedding rings are also known as comfort fit and they have a domed inner and outer .They are available in medium weight (approx 1.8mm thick) and heavy weight (approx 2.3mm thick).Standard widths available for these wedding rings is 2mm up to 8mm but any width is available to order. Court shape wedding rings are considered to be the most comfortable to wear, although some people find the heavy weight ring too bulky.
These rings are also known as the easy fit wedding ring ,it has a domed inner and a flat outer. It is available in medium weight(approx 1.8mm thick) and heavy weight (approx 2.2mm thick). Standard widths available for these rings is 3mm up to 6mm but once again any width is available to order.

These rings are also very comfortable to wear.
Diamond set wedding rings are now very popular and all of our rings can be diamond set to compliment your engagement ring. You can have a single ,or any amount of diamonds set across the top or all around the ring. One thing you have to consider when having diamonds set all the way around the ring is that they are difficult to have re-sized at a later date , if necessary.

Certain engagement rings sometimes require a wedding ring which is shaped to fit. We have a large range of standard shaped wedding rings for you to choose from or if we do not have one suitable then we can make one to fit neatly against your engagement ring. To do this we will need to keep your engagement ring for a few days to make the model . If you do not want to leave you engagement ring we can make the model in 2-3 hours ,to do this you would need to call us to arrange a convenient time.
Apart from all the standard wedding rings we have a large range of 2 colour bands which is available in all widths and profiles ,most of which are exclusive to us. We also have a range of celtic wedding bands which is available in all carats and colours of gold.

If you have your own design of wedding ring we can also produce this for you.
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