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This short video shows how we can turn unwanted gold into a new wedding ring.


The gold is melted down into a nugget and then put through rollers to get the desired profile for the wedding ring. Once the right width and shape is made, the gold is then cut down to size.

The metal is then bent into a circle and then soldered together. After this process the ring is filed and buffed to get rid of the join mark.
Once the ring is tidy it is polished with a polishing mop to give it a high shine.
And there you have it...... Your new wedding ring!

It is a particularly nice idea to use old gold especially if it is sentimental to you. We often melt down old wedding rings that have worn down over time and are too thin to repair. We can simply just add a little extra gold to make it more substantial.
All metal that has been melted down can be re-hallmarked. If you are interested in giving new life to your old jewellery just give us a call and one of our friendly staff can give you more information as to how much the process will cost.
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