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We have a large range of traditional and modern diamond rings available in platinum and 18ct gold. Diamonds used in our regular stock range from fine quality certificated stones to high grade commercial diamonds . We also have a range of ring mounts & loose diamonds - certificated and non certificated, which we can put together for you usually the same day.

:: THE 4 Cs ::

Do not underestimate the value of a well cut and polished diamond .A cut grade of excellent or very good will really bring out the best in the appearance of a diamond ,and as such ,commands a higher price. Therefore if budget is limited, we would always recommend a smaller well cut diamond against a larger diamond which has a lower cut grading .We do not use any certificated diamonds with a cut grade lower than good.
Diamonds are colour graded from D-Z , i.e. colourless to light yellow. The difference between any one colour grade and the next is a very subtle one and can only be reliably identified in laboratory conditions. Whilst the top colour graded diamonds are more desirable ,lower colour grades can still be beautiful stones if of good clarity and cut.
A diamond that is completely free of inclusions is graded as flawless and as such commands a premium .However a diamond with a VVS to SI grade is still a very attractive stone ,as any inclusions are not visible to the naked eye , and can only be detected under 10x magnification.
A diamonds weight is measured in carats . One carat is divided into a hundred points ,i.e. a 25 point diamond weighs 0.25ct ,also known as a ΒΌ carat diamond. There can be a noticeable difference in appearance between two diamonds with the same carat weight if there is a significant difference in the cut grade.


We only use reputable diamond grading reports e.g. G.I.A. , H.R.D. and I.G.I.
When buying a diamond ring or indeed any piece of diamond jewellery , confidence in your chose jeweller is essential .To this end we offer sound advice from friendly experienced staff ,excellent value for money and full after sales service.







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